What is the theory of separation of power

According to the theory of food combining, foods that contain mostly carbohydrates (cereals, bread, potatoes, etc.) that are incompatible with protein foods (meat, dairy products, eggs). Separately there is a neutral group, it includes vegetables, fruit, sour cream, etc. They can be eaten with foods that contain proteins, and foods that contain carbohydrates.

To quickly determine the compatibility of products for a separate power supply, has developed a special table. It helps to learn to eat properly and usefully for the body. The first column of the table are most important, it is necessary to pay special attention: it contains a list of acceptable products. The first line of the sequence number corresponding to the number of the food item from the list. The signs "+" and "-" in the table show whether the data products are compatible. The figure "0" means that no such combination of products is only valid.

Compatible products in a separate feed

Thus, meat of all types is combined with green and non-starchy vegetables, this combination helps the body to neutralize the negative properties of animal proteins and facilitates their digestion.
To eat meat, fish, poultry must be lean: before heat treatment remove them of all external fat.
Bean when combined with other products require much attention. They are combined with fats, as the starches. As a source of vegetable protein, they are good to eat with starchy vegetables and greens.

For a good absorption of butter require green and non-starchy vegetables, bread, cereals and potatoes. Vegetable oil is perfectly combined with vegetables. Nutritionists recommend avoiding sugar and confectionery products, they impair the secretion of gastric juice. If you eat them with other foods, they cause fermentation in the stomach, reduce its motility. Sugary foods can cause heartburn, cause constipation and gastritis. And if the food rots, it poisons the body.
The honey in this table are not included in the category of sugars, as it enters the blood within twenty minutes after consumption, without burdening the liver.

The tomatoes in the table is classified as sour fruits, because they contain large amounts of malic, oxalic and citric acid. Products containing acids should be eaten at different times with protein and starchy food. Any fruit is recommended to eat separately from other foods because they are digested not in the stomach, and intestines. They eat for 15-20 minutes before eating other food. If improperly used they start to ferment in the stomach and lose its beneficial qualities.