Pilaf can be surprisingly diverse. He can also be sweet and spicy, it all depends on the culinary passions of chef. Of course, the classic recipe includes equal mix of meat, rice and carrots, onions, maybe a little less. Meat you can use pork, beef, and chicken, and, of course, the traditional lamb.

In the first place needs to be the right utensil, that is a cauldron for cooking pilaf. In first place among the pots is cast iron, it enables rice to simmer while cooking. The second place is occupied by aluminum, it is much easier to iron. In Azerbaijan and Iran, for example, preference is given to the cauldrons of copper. Modern non-stick coatings will not replace a real cauldron, in this case, it is better to choose a roaster or a baking dish, thick walls mimic a cauldron.

The dishes chosen, now the second important step: it is necessary to heat it in oil, not sparing the volume. 5-liter cauldron you need at least 2 glasses of vegetable oil, you can add a fat tail and run in the hot oil the chopped onion half rings. When the onions are already brown, add the carrots and meat. Carrots in no case do not RUB on a grater, and cut into strips, quite large, about 4 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Once the onions, meat and carrots browned it's time to add salt, about 2 tablespoons of table, four garlic heads, whole, only cleaned from the husk. As spices make good use of the Uzbek – couple teaspoons of barberries, one teaspoon of cumin, turmeric or saffron. If to refuse from spices, you get the Kazakh plov, is Uzbek. Kazakhs believe that spices kill the real taste of rice with meat.

Once the meat has reached a sufficient softness, the garlic take out and lay well washed and soaked in salt water Fig. Steeping takes about two hours. Pour the rice in a pot with water, about an inch above level of rice. You cannot mix and close the lid until all the water is absorbed into the rice.

When the liquid is all absorbed, take the rice hill, pierce in several places with the handle of a wooden spoon, sprinkle with garlic, which were previously removed, and close tightly. Simmer the risotto needs to simmer for about 30 minutes, possible a little longer. And after stewing stir our risotto, angling for from the bottom of appetizing meat with carrot and onion and spread on a dish, decorating the top with coriander.