What kind of meat to choose.

It is considered that the classic pilaf cooked only and lamb. But actually in those places in the East and Central Asia, which are really tasty pilaf, the use of cooking and chickens, and duck and meat of cattle, pork even. It doesn't really matter whose meat will be used, what animal or bird is the significance of its quality.

Pilaf will suit young meat those parts of the carcass where there is marbling. By the way, is just perfect ribs, even lamb, even pork. The meat must be fresh, it should not smell better when it wasn't frozen, but were kept for several days at a low temperature to begin fermentation, after which it becomes particularly flavorful, and the taste of him - rich. But the bird in the pilaf, you can use killed immediately before cooking.

The secrets of delicious pilaf

The great value has correct selection and preparation of rice. For this dish you need a special rice, durum, with a low content of starchy substances. This rice grains are slightly elongated, and they are slightly transparent or milky white, sometimes with a thin longitudinal strips, having a brown-red color. But when you are in the market, suitable for those varieties which have in the store, for example, "Basmati", "come out with" or "Jasmine". In these varieties also, a little starch, but a better pic still soaked before cooking for 2-3 hours, then rinse well.

You should not spare in the preparation of pilaf or carrots, no onions, and their number should be approximately equal to the volume and weight of meat. Oil into the cauldron, too, should be a lot pour, 1 kilo of rice needs at least 0.7-0.8 liters of vegetable oil. This amount will allow the meat and vegetables in the cauldron to obzhivatjsya, keeping all the juices inside, not be extinguished.

And, of course, an important role is played by spices. Mandatory for this dish are cumin, SAFRAN, turmeric, barberry, coriander, pepper black and red. Delicious plov, adding the raisins from white grapes. Fresh chilli peppers can be added and zirvak – the broth in which meat cooked with vegetables and spices before the rice will be laid.

It is also important to use the right utensils specifically designed for such dishes cauldron with thick walls or, in extreme cases, VOG. And be sure to observe the technology, do not pour lot of water, it can be a bit add when the rice is "rot" in a sealed cover, if you seem tough.