How to cope with paste and make the rice crisp

The secret of crispy rice is to on its surface as much as possible the paste. This figure depends on the grade of cereals. To cook a delicious Uzbek pilaf, it is necessary to take the Fergana varieties devzira or chungara with a distinctive taste. The description of the varieties can be read

Bad starch swells in cold water, so soak the rice (1kg) in salted hot (80C) water for 30 minutes for colour add saffron or turmeric. If the dealer much starchy, cold water, drain again and pour the rice with hot water to remove the starch.

The recipe of Uzbek pilaf in a cauldron

Desirable home to cook pilaf in a pot over high heat. While the rice is soaking, prepare zirvak. Heat melted mutton fat (200 g) and vegetable oil (50-80 g) to a temperature of 180 C. Put the fat pieces of meat (1.3-1.5 kg), fry for 15-20 minutes, add to the meat onions (500g), cut into half rings, fry it stirring constantly. Dip into the cauldron of white carrots (300 g), chopped large strips and fry for 5 minutes, followed by orange carrots, it will give color to the rice. Fat should be fed with taste of vegetables, and to give a taste of this cereal.

In zirvak add: salt, black pepper, cumin, or cumin, dried barberries to taste, pour a Cup of water and simmer, without closing the lid, 35-45 minutes. Take a head of garlic, wash and peel from the husk, put in the meat. Pour the prepared rice and pour it with hot water in such quantity that it covers the rice for 3-4 cm Cook rice, uncovered pot until the water evaporated. Then make the rice in the funnel, the entry there is a glass of water, carefully lower figure lift up, close the cauldron lid, turn down to low fire soak for 10-15 minutes.

To cook a delicious plov, it is important to sustain a high, 95 and above, the temperature throughout the cooking process. The traditional preparation of pilaf cauldron not closed until evaporated water, but saw that sirvac became a thick paste was formed, the only way to rectify the situation and to cook crumbly rice to raise its temperature. For this you can cover the pot with a lid, then grain will be heated from the top and the paste are destroyed.