Preference to large parts

You will go large accessories, be it bags, belts, scarves, but don't overdo it, because here, as in all things, it is very important to keep a sense of proportion. Do not use small details, because they will look ridiculous, or easily lost in the background of your figure. The right accessories will help greatly to change the appearance and even a few "pay" the complexity of the figure.

It is recommended to choose accessories preferably vertical shape, not horizontal. As for wearing them, here works the same principle. For example, tying scarf, freely distribute its ends, so as to visually lengthen the figure.


When choosing shoes should also be careful. Harmoniously will look like models that have a round or square toe, as they will help to balance your silhouette and hide some minor flaws.

It is absolutely contraindicated Shoe models which have a thin heel because it creates a strong contrast between the advantages of your forms and slender heel, and the comparison is not in your favor. Buy shoes with a thick heel and pick this shoes accessories.


Clothes are very important and sometimes can work wonders. If you right click it, it will look much more attractive. Do not choose baggy or too tight clothing – both can take you down. The best option in this case occupy an intermediate position, medium size. Form of things can be oval, trapezoidal, rectangular. Pick up her bag, for example, something of the eternal classics – it'll tie your whole outfit together.

Following these simple rules will always help you look elegant and beautiful. Remember that volume and weight should not be a hindrance to dress up.