When purchasing clothes, try to pay attention to the ornament. Remember that the transverse lines show the shape, and longitudinal makes it visually slimmer. Be careful when choosing floral ornaments and cells. If you like the cage and want to give it up, pick slightly elongated in an oblique or longitudinal direction.
Try to avoid clothes in bright colors, especially white and pink, as they visually enlarge the figure. Full girls best suited dark colors, but this does not mean you have to dress in all black. Try dark blue, dark green and dark brown clothes, it is not only perfectly conceal the fullness, but allows the girl to look elegant.
The most suitable fabric for full girls – Matt. It perfectly hides the extra volume in the hips and waist. Discard iridescent and shiny fabrics, sequins opelousa, as they only attract the attention of others to the "problem" areas.
Be sure to observe all proportion. Remember that you will look harmoniously with big jewelry, voluminous hair. Choosing a printed fabric for the blouse or suit, prefer drawing medium or large size. Small ornament and polka dots fill in the "black list", on the background of your figure will seem huge. The same applies to small parts of clothing and small jewelry.
In the spring and summer wear dresses of simple fabrics (e.g., cotton or satin), and, of course, silk. In autumn and winter, dress in costumes made of wool.
Choosing a silhouette for the dress, stop your choice on poluprilegayuschy. Not only does it represent the beautiful curves of your figure, but also emphasize all that you can be proud of.
When choosing a suit, remember that it should be entirely one color, as different colors of jacket and skirt (pants) attract extra attention to your hips. Jacket length should be below the hips or a little below the waist line. You should not choose a jacket with patch pockets and valves located at the hips, as they visually increase their volume.
In no case do not give up your pants, but they should not be skin-tight, too loose or elastic. Cropped and tapered trousers are also put aside, they allocate too much bulk up top.
When choosing the length of skirts and dresses, immediately discard the version of the mini. Perfect Maxi, but acceptable and the length to mid-knee.
Be sure to wear a blouse untucked. If you want to tuck it in a skirt or pants, remember that it should not contrast with them in color, otherwise your bust will appear square.
Best neckline for a full girls - V-neck, but well suited and English collars. Looks good and round neckline, complemented with a scarf, a necklace or long beads.
Do not forget about the accessories. Wear big jewelry on her neck. It can be anything that creates a vertical line (simple and multi layered chains and necklaces, long scarves, etc.).