It is necessary to abandon vast styles. They don't hide, but even emphasize the fullness. The surrounding and so will notice a curvy shape, but it is desirable that they were in a worthy setting.
The undoubted advantage of the fatties is magnificent bust. Therefore, the styles for full girls mostly assume a plunging neckline. They really go V-neck and crew neck, and unbuttoned the buttons on the blouses. Chubby women especially if they are short, it is not necessary to wear jackets and collar-frill.
Fashion for the full does not tolerate the monotony. For example, fatty is better to forget about the standard ensemble of white blouse+black skirt. Also no need to bet on black, Burgundy, dark green and other dull colors. It is worth emphasizing the charm of the lush natural shades of color of dry grass, hints of "mint", "coral", "ivory", "Teal". No need to be afraid of bright colors, but do not abuse them.
Which is full of girls with a figure-pear? Clothing needs to balance a small chest and curvy hips. It is recommended to wear classic pants, pencil skirt, blouse with small shoulder pads and tunic. No need to emphasize the waist and to wear cropped jackets. Cardigans must reach mid-thigh, and from the picture preferable to the vertical strip.
Figure-Apple requires a scoop neckline, flared from the hip of the pants and full skirts. Styles for girls with such a figure needs to divert attention from the lack of the waist. Therefore it is necessary to wear shirt-dresses and models of baby.
To emphasize your shape can girls with type figure "hourglass". These ladies are poluprilegayuschy, but not slimming the model, and gently flowing fabric cool colors.
Shift dress, plain cloth, fine pattern and warm natural shades – that is in full girls of low growth. In no case can not wear clothes with horizontal stripes to accentuate your waist a wide belt that only cut the silhouette and tuck in blouses and sweaters to skirts or pants.
For tall women with curvaceous preferred model of free, but not too wide cut. It is mandatory to focus on the waist. If her line is not too well expressed, is to create extra volume at the hips and chest with the help of applications, drapery or embroidery. Tall girls look really good with dresses with a dropped waist, a La the 20s.