Tuning is the improvement of the car, aimed at the achievement of certain results, is essential to man. This improvement is often manifested in the style of the car, its interior, engine, transmission, brakes and many other parts of the machine. Of course, tuning has a fairly huge amount of positive aspects. After all, the improvement of the car is already a positive side of things. But these improvements can't give only the pros. They also have disadvantages. About them and about the advantages of should talk. In particular, problems arise when changing the interior.

So, in the salon you can make good and enjoyable music, sports seats with nice upholstery or to install a small wheel. This is a bonus as during sports racing this allows you to comfortably navigate the road. But in this situation, there are also disadvantages. In particular, with a small wheel in the narrow space does not go far, the sport seats can be hard and unpleasant, good plating may break. Changes in transmission can lead to the fact that on normal roads normal person is simply dangerous to go.

Underestimation or overestimation of the suspension also does not Bode well. In one case, the permeability deteriorates, in the other case there is a great opportunity to run into an accident. Powerful motor allows you to move with great speed, but can it be done in normal city conditions, if the brakes? For every plus there is a minus. But here, every driver decides for himself – whether he is improving or not.