What distinguishes the convertible notebook from the normal laptop?

The main feature of the laptop-transformer is its ability to "reincarnation". Such a device could be used as a conventional laptop and as a tablet.

In the first case, the control device will be the same as when working on a classic laptop keyboard. If desired, you can connect the mouse, turning the laptop into a lightweight version of the desktop PC. And through a mechanism of transformation, you can use the computer as a compact tablet, providing management with a special touch screen.

Depending on the mechanism of transformation of laptops-transformers are divided into three main types:

- classic convertible – laptop screen vertically rotates around the axis, and the keyboard is the stand;

- the notebook-slider – has and rotatable around the axis of the screen and folding keyboard, thereby easily converted into a tablet;

- detachable laptop – the laptop display is easily separated from the keyboard and can be used as a tablet computer.

The pros and cons of laptop-transformer

Thus, the notebook-transformer is a device "two in one": it can be used to work on a horizontal surface, and as a convenient "pocket" of your computer.

As a rule, laptops-transformers have a lightweight body that is their clear advantage. But as all devices in this class are equipped with transformation mechanism having a certain number of mounts, we can say that they are somewhat inferior to conventional laptops in terms of durability. Fastening of the mechanism of transformation is sufficiently careful handling could dislodge and break.

According to technical parameters such as performance and functionality, while transformers is also seriously inferior to the classical models of laptops. After all, the more compact model of the computer, the less the manufacturer opportunities to make it powerful and versatile. So, most of the transformers have relatively weak graphics cards and is not able to support modern games.

After analyzing the pros and cons of laptops-transformers, it is possible to draw the following conclusions:

the convertible will be a great choice for users who need a compact, portable device that you can optionally use the classic desktop;

- buy transformer for home use is unwise, as at least a compact device that you can buy for the same or even lower price, providing the user a lot more options in terms of performance and functionality.