First and foremost is the well-known rewriting, in other words, the rewriting of the source text and not only. It can be video and audio files processed and subsequently presented in written form. Plus the fact that all of this can be a great source of inspiration, they generate ideas.

If the website is dedicated to some theme, great solution for content search will forums. Summarizing several separate topics on subjects and analyzing all messages, you can come to great ideas. They also help to determine the relevance of a particular topic and the angle at which it is most often treated on the Internet.

In addition to forums, you can also use the FAQs from its website. Everything is, of course, depends on the activity and visits. And the quality of the content can be used comments and topics from visitors of the Internet portal.

If the passion is still there, and need it immediately, you can resort to another method. He is not the most honest, yet light. In any case, everyone has the right to coexistence, including the replacement of Russian letters in the original Latin text. That is apparently content to be a complete copy, but none of the search engines will not determine, and such articles can stay on the website for a long time. However, if the original author finds out about this, he, of course, will require that its copyrights are respected. In General, it is better not to risk and not to look for easy texts, and to think over the ideas themselves.

Instead of the usual substitutions of letters you can try the synonyms in the Russian language which much. It is much more honest, because the synonyms, like it or not, most other words. And text with them to be completely different, so technically nothing to complain about. The only thing it will slip the same thoughts as the original. But then, if the first author and finding fault, you can always refer to the above rewriting, it's completely legal.

As you can see, content sources are many. What exactly to choose, everyone decides for himself. But it is better not to dwell on something simple, and to go further. To sit and think, then to be proud of the work done – not so scary.