For the website started to generate a monthly income, you first need to decide how to organize the income. The main types of profit from your online resource are: advertising on the pages of your website, selling any products and services online. If desired, you can implement all of these methods simultaneously.
If you do advertising on your site, it must meet several key criteria. It should be to fill quality and popular content. It is important that since the creation of your website took at least six months. Promising to put their offspring to paid hosting. The page should be indexed by search engines. And most importantly, what you need to know - the number of new visitors (preferably at least 100 people per day). These are the basic demands of advertisers, the average of the category. The higher the criteria, the larger advertisers will want to cooperate with you. There are many affiliate programs with different requirements for the site. But they are United by one rule - the amount of payment depends on the height of the level of performance.
To raise the attractiveness of the site, selling it products and services, you need to constantly add new and preferably unique material. It is also important for search engines because of unique content and quality optimization will raise your website in search engine rankings. This factor is especially important for advertisers.
Creating your website for the fact that he makes a profit, it would be very useful to read information about SEO-optimization and promotion. Because the visitors and users of the site are prospective buyers of your products or services. And they may be future customers of advertisers whose bids are placed on your website. Competently and unobtrusively to sell your product or service helps to know the layout and editing web pages. It is necessary to create a more vivid suggestion with visual effects. This you can find in any tutorial or book on web design.