And it really helps, because their diet and mode of life is changing, and there is a "reconstruction" of the new body. That's just not every girl will be able to sustain the diet because the body is used to eating that did it, and now it's hard to get used to this coup.

However, you can do without dieting by simply replacing unhealthy foods with more useful. Yes, the body will have the same reaction, but the result will be more effective than diets.

First, first we must decide how many kilos should be removed.

Second, develop a food and diet, because improvisation is misplaced.

Thirdly, put yourself a goal, and would not "ask" the body of junk food, eat only healthy food and diet.

But not all females can afford to eat only correctly, for some believe that this will lead to the destruction of the body. To do this they better make an appointment to a nutritionist doctor, who is engaged in the "reconstruction" of the figure.

In fact, if the girl herself wants to go on a diet, there are no obstacles in front of him she did not see, because it is necessary. Women begin to invent motivation, overcome, do not eat unhealthy food, even if you really want.

Well, if the females are reluctant and doubts are going to tighten your body, then there is nothing to talk about, because everything depends on people, and wants or does not want – it will depend on the person. That's just the result of something then it will be on the face.

Those who were able to overcome themselves and dropped the extra pounds, eating only healthy foods, it's easier. Even look at such thin, which does not work at all, much nicer than those who have not overcome myself and left with the same weight. And even, maybe even a few extra pounds gained by eating fast food.

However, the person who is watching their weight, says that he loves and respects himself. So it is better to wait 2-3 months, and then they'll come on Monday.