Contrary to popular opinion, meringue is prepared quite simply. The secret is in the protein. They must be warm and very lush. Starch and lemon peel will help keep the volume of the dough during baking. Also, remember that meringue under the influence of temperature increases in volume. Therefore it is not necessary to fill out the form to the brim. Cream of coffee it is better to prepare immediately before impregnation. Cake must be stored at a low temperature of not more than three days.

Calories: 3653 kcal.


• Whites, 150 gr.

• Instant coffee, 9 oz.

• Starch, 5 g.

• Zest of lemon, 5 ml.

• Sour cream 30%, 400 ml.

• Chip coconut, 12 oz.

• Powder, 30 gr.

• Sugar, 300 gr.

How to cook:

• Using the mixer to bring the whites into a white foam at the end portions, add sugar. Mix until grains of sugar dissolved.

• Without switching off the mixer, add cornstarch and lemon juice. The obtained meringue to fill in two forms (not to the brim), slightly flatten. Top sprinkle with coconut. Send into the pre-heated oven (180 degrees) and immediately reduce the power up to 140 degrees. Bake for half an hour. Then reduce to 100 degrees and hold another half hour. Meringue after a time to leave it in the oven, do not remove.

• Sour cream with mascarpone whip until the formation of a fluffy paste. In the end, add sugar and coffee. A portion of the cream to spread one meringue layer, cover with the second and have the entire cake to fill in the remaining cream. The sweetness to decorate what we have at home. It can be fruit, coconut chips or chopped chocolate. Delicate and fragrant dessert is ready. It's time to the table.