For the basics:

  • Vanilla ice cream 500 g
  • A pound of orange sherbet,
  • 500 g ready-made slices of cake.

For meringue:

  • 4 protein
  • One-third Cup sugar,
  • Half spoon of lemon juice.


In a baking pan laid with parchment paper. After that is vanilla ice cream and sent the form for an hour in the freezer. After that is orange ice cream and also the form is sent to an hour in the freezer. Then stacked up the slices of sponge cake. The cake goes in the freezer for hours.

Meanwhile preparing meringue. Chilled whites whipped with lemon juice, in the process of whipping gradually introduce sugar. The result should be a thick, robust foam.

The workpiece is removed from the freezer and flipped onto the substrate. The paper is removed, and from all sides of stacked meringue. Foam fit fanciful forms and covers the entire surface of the cake.

In a preheated oven to 250 degrees and placed the cake "Alaska" and is baked before the formation of the characteristic Golden brown. It usually appears after three minutes. The finished product is served immediately to the table before the ice cream melted.