Advice 1: How to choose a laser mouse?

We all remember how he bought his first computer, of course, addressed to the person who understand at least above average. Since then, much time has passed, now you have the experience, maybe small, but something began to understand.
How to choose a laser mouse?

Now we cannot imagine a computer without a laser mouse, of course, if not progress, people would still used uncomfortable ball mice. So, for one reason or another you decided to change the mouse, maybe you're an avid gamer or just a PC user, you go to the store, in front of you huge number of computer rodents, you know where to look, what to choose?

Why spend 500 rubles and more for some kind of mouse? If you can take the usual 100? You say. So let's go over the main characteristics of computer mice. First and most important is, of course, shape, everyone should choose for themselves, uncomfortable mouse that, as a consequence, the rapid fatigue of the hand. The second is DPI (dots per inch), ie the resolution of the mouse. For dynamic games it is recommended that 1000+ dpi, otherwise with a sharp movement of the mouse it just moves, will not be smooth.

For normal user is enough, and more lower value. Better to take a wired mouse, they are usually better quality and there are no delays after idle. Additional keys - this is a controversial issue, here you choose for yourself, decide whether you need it or not. I think we can finish, all the luck in the selection.

Advice 2: How to use a computer without a mouse

A computer mouse is comfortable and familiar tool. However, experienced users claim that work by using a hotkey is much faster, because it does not have to spend the time to navigate through the menus and opening the necessary options. In the graphic editors, the keyboard will provide much more accurate positioning of the cursor. In addition, the mouse may suddenly fail and then the skills to operate the keyboard will be necessary.
To control the computer using the keyboard

Login and getting started

Most often, learn keyboard shortcuts the user starts when plugging in your mouse there is no way. When you turn the computer on the monitor displays the "welcome Window" and a list of users. To choose your profile, use Ctrl and the arrows. Having reached the selected user, press Enter.

The main menu can be accessed in two ways: press Win — imaged the Windows logo or press Ctrl + Esc. Navigate through it with help of arrows. To open the desired menu item, press Enter. To exit from the menu Esc key is used.

Basic shortcuts

To switch between Windows in Windows 7, use the key combination Win+Tab (or Win + Shift + Tab to switch in reverse order). In older versions of the operating system try pressing Alt+Tab (Alt + Shift + Tab). The same effect has and the combination of Alt + Esc.

To minimize all open Windows use a combination Win + M, and to restore them, press Shift + Win + M. For these purposes, you can use the key combination Win + D.

• Win + E — open the component "Computer".
• Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Esc + Shift — call task Manager.
• Win + F1 — open the help.
• Win + F — search for files or folders.
• Ctrl + Win +Tab — switch between programs on the taskbar using the arrow keys.
• Win + Break — opens the window "System".
• Alt + Tab will cause a window with icons of all running programs.

To switch to Explorer menu or use F10 or Alt. To move around the menu using the arrows. The dropdown list opens when you press Alt + Down arrow or "Up". For the tabs — arrows "Left" or "Right". In Windows 7 is easy to navigate through the menu once pressing Alt and selecting the desired letter. For example, Alt + F will bring up a menu "File".

How to work with files without a mouse

To work with the files enough to remember a few simple shortcuts:

• Ctrl+A — select all files in the folder.
• Shift + arrows "Down" or "Up" group selection.
• F2 — rename selected file.
• Delete — Delete to trash.
• Shift + Delete — permanently deletes.
• Ctrl + C — copy the selected file.
• Ctrl + X — cut the selected objects.
• Ctrl + V — to paste the selected files to the desired location.
• Enter + Alt — the properties of the selected object.

If you want to select multiple files, press Ctrl and use the arrows to select the desired object. Then press spacebar and move to the next. These same shortcuts apply when working with text. Select fragment of text with clamped Shift key and arrows.

The mouse emulation mode

To go to computer management from the keyboard, press the key combination Left Alt + Left Shift + NumLock. A window will open with the question "Enable mouse control with keyboard?". Confirm. Opens ease of access Center". In the dialog box you are prompted to select a tone when you switch the emulation mode, and configure the behavior of the cursor. It may be possible to speed or slow down.

If emulation is running, the system tray icon will appear depicting the mouse. When operating in this mode, hotkeys are numpad block. It is located on the right side of the keyboard. All the number keys except for the keys "5" and "0" will be responsible for the direction of movement of the cursor.

• "5" — replaces the left click of the mouse.
• "+" — double click left button of the mouse.
• "0" — hold any mouse button;
• "." — the mouse button is released;
• "-" — activates the right mouse button.

Pressing NumLock, you can suspend and re-enable the emulation mode. His condition can be identified by the icon in the tray. If emulation is paused — the image of the mouse will be crossed out. To exit mouse emulation mode, it is sufficient to press Alt + Left Shift + NumLock.

Advice 3: What is the best mouse for gamer

The uninitiated may not even suspect that the computer mouse is still something different between design and price. In fact, game controllers have significantly higher specifications, and any gamer knows that without a good mouse to achieve victory in the game is almost unreal.
Gaming mouse
Gaming computer mouse is for player "weapons of victory". Indeed, these mice are much more expensive than their office counterparts, at least ten times. All because of game manipulators imposes much higher requirements, which usually do not need normal user.

Requirements gaming computer mice

Gaming mouse needs quickly, reliably and accurately convey the actions of the player. It should have ergonomic design, because gamers spend playing many hours and from the convenience of the manipulator depends on the quality of the game. Should also be additional buttons that can be programmed to perform almost any functions.

Modern cranes for professional gamers are, essentially, mini-computers, because have their own processor and special software. They allow you to make the game quick, accurate and efficient.

The main parameter of the mouse is its resolution. For office enough 400 dpi, gaming have a resolution up to 4000 dpi. The mouse resolution is not the same as the resolution of the monitor, though depends on it. Simply put, this is how the mouse "sees" the surface beneath them. In order for the cursor on the screen moved, the mouse must pass a certain distance, the higher the resolution, the smaller the distance and the faster the response of the cursor.

The second important parameter is the speed of information transmission with the mouse to the computer via USB. The standard exchange rate of 125 Hz is not enough, so the manufacturers increase it to 1 000 Hz.

Ergonomics is also very important and manufacturers are paying much attention to it. Mouse shape, size and button layout, surface material, and even weight – all carefully worked out. A gaming mouse comes with a set of weights that allows you to pick the best for player's weight, as too light or too heavy the mouse is equally uncomfortable in the game.

Also the chassis of some manipulators are designed for left or right hand, the other can be played with either hand. So finally, choose the gaming mouse can be just for practice, try it "in case".

Model gaming mice

Some manufacturers, for example, the American company Razer, engaged in the development and production of game controllers and accessories. Mouse this company received well-deserved recognition from gamers.

Razer Lachesis

The model resembles the popular Boomslang. Flat body covered with soft plastic that extends in front and perfectly fits in your hand. This is one of the few models that are comfortable for both right-handed and left-handers. Compared with the previous top model, significantly improved ergonomics, the arm is much less tired.

Additional keys are well placed and also as the primary keys and the scroll wheel work perfectly. Mouse resolution can be adjusted up to 4000 dpi. The drivers also have no complaints.

A4ttech company offers a good product in terms of price and quality. In a Bloody series includes not only mice, but also special floor mats to them and also a gaming keyboard.

A4tech Bloody ZL5 Sniper

The mouse has an interesting design and fits well in the hand. The model is designed for right-handers. The back of the mouse and the sides are rubberized, which adds to convenience in use. Right button a little longer, more convenient to use. The main "chip" is an additional button "Sniper" by clicking which you can, interchangeably, to drastically reduce the resolution of the mouse and allows a more accurate aim. Programmatically, you can configure as much as 6 sniper modes.

The SteelSeries company is also developing devices for professional gamers. New mouse this firm has a classic design and unusual color scheme.

SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue Edition

This model is white with blue backlight. The sidewall is trimmed with a soft gray plastic. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand, all buttons in its place. On the right and left side both have two programmable buttons. The design is minimalist, but quite comfortable.

Optical sensor works well on different surfaces. Sensitivity is adjustable to 5 600 dpi two buttons near the scroll wheel. Wide legs allow you to slide smoothly, the mouse is well controlled.

For normal operation of the device will need to download the software needed to create and assign macros that need professional players.
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