Now we cannot imagine a computer without a laser mouse, of course, if not progress, people would still used uncomfortable ball mice. So, for one reason or another you decided to change the mouse, maybe you're an avid gamer or just a PC user, you go to the store, in front of you huge number of computer rodents, you know where to look, what to choose?

Why spend 500 rubles and more for some kind of mouse? If you can take the usual 100? You say. So let's go over the main characteristics of computer mice. First and most important is, of course, shape, everyone should choose for themselves, uncomfortable mouse that, as a consequence, the rapid fatigue of the hand. The second is DPI (dots per inch), ie the resolution of the mouse. For dynamic games it is recommended that 1000+ dpi, otherwise with a sharp movement of the mouse it just moves, will not be smooth.

For normal user is enough, and more lower value. Better to take a wired mouse, they are usually better quality and there are no delays after idle. Additional keys - this is a controversial issue, here you choose for yourself, decide whether you need it or not. I think we can finish, all the luck in the selection.