Manufacturers of wireless mice try to outdo each other. New models appear almost every week. On the one hand, greater diversity should facilitate the selection of the model that is right for you. On the other hand becomes easier to get lost in this range. But you can focus on some common to all of the devices features.

Mouse hand

The main rule when choosing a wireless mouse is not "long lasting" batteries or the range of the adapter. The most important is how comfortable the device is placed in your hand.
The most important parameter is the comfort of your hands, otherwise you will not be able to use a long.

Don't hesitate to ask the seller to give "mouse". Take it in hand, listen to the sensations. Imagine how hours will drive its cursor around the screen. Convenience and comfort is the main criterion. If you have the slightest doubt or discomfort – choose another model. And best of all – an ergonomic, where each body line will fit your palm and fingers.

Wireless adapter

After the first step is passed, you should think about the adapter. It should be present two basic requirements: the certainty of the signal and range. Think about where you would like to use the mouse. If only near the computer, then "range" will not play a role. And if you are going to connect the PC to the TV and control it from the couch, this calls for more powerful electronics.

Test the mouse in the store on the range and confidence of reception. Connect it to your laptop or computer and slowly pull back. The further you at the first sign of signal loss, the better.

Adapter is better to choose universal because it can be used with other wireless devices: keyboard, headphones, printer, etc. otherwise, for each Virgo you will need a separate connection and a USB connector.

It's all in the charge

The weak point of any wireless technology – batteries or battery. There are two main types – own battery which is charged by a special device or AAA batteries. People with experience recommend the last option.
To replace the batteries of the AAA type is much easier than finding a new battery, any only a certain model mouse.

The battery gradually loses its charge and becomes useless. And to replace it will not happen, since any computing device is eventually removed from production. Will have to buy a new paddle.

Rechargeable AAA batteries, unlike simple battery, always available and easy to acquire. So the mouse will delight you for a very long time.

Brand hope, and the...

And one more thing – what brand to choose a mouse. It is impossible to clearly answer this question, but with the recommendations that the above question is easier to solve. There are fans of certain brands – that is their right. And there are people who choose the brand new and completely happy with it. Just remember about the above recommendations and will be able to find something you like.