Any housewife knows that pasties should be juicy, and the dough to have a beautiful, Golden and crispy. If the stuffing is all clear – good meat, water, onion and spices. Then with the test a little harder, from a huge number of recipes you can select one or a few favorite options.

Two simple dough recipe on water

1) This is likely the easiest recipe, has a very interesting ingredient - vodka. The dough will be very soft, crisp with eye grabbing Golden crust. To prepare you need the following components:

• 200 ml water

• Vodka (tablespoon)

• Sugar to taste and salt

• 50 grams (two tablespoons) oil

• Flour.

The flour should be added so that the dough was pretty cool, the flour comes different, so a specific quantity for this recipe there.

Mixing the ingredients is allowed in any order, as long as the dough was well mixed without lumps. Flour be sure to sift. The dough should about 30 minutes to rest and then you can use it. You can make test of a long "sausage" and cut it on a small patch.

2) Choux pastry. Also simple to cook and a very good option. This recipe, like the first, does not require many ingredients and will take a long time. Pasties will be soft even when cooled.

• 3 cups flour

• Water less than 200 ml

• Egg

• Salt

• 30 gr. sunflower oil

Bring water to a boil, add salt and the oil. In boiling water pour a half Cup sifted flour and mix thoroughly to completely break up clumps, remove the heat and allow the mixture to cool. How cool, you need to break in the egg mixture and stir.

Of the remaining flour necessary to make a pile on the table, make a small hole and gradually introduce the mixture of water, flour and eggs and knead the dough. In the end, it will be smooth and fairly tight. The dough then leave for half an hour, knead again and give a break. All, the dough is ready to use.

The presented recipes are so simple that they can be used even by a beginner in cooking, most importantly, remember – it is important to sift flour, the dough likes to relax, it should be tight. Another important point is to roll out the dough for chebureks should be subtle.