Daily routine, stress, inadequate nutrition can affect the whole system negatively. But first and foremost it is visible on hair. Dull, weak, brittle falling strands (more than 110 hairs a day) that spoil the hostess not only mood, but also its appearance. To restore the hair requires a comprehensive approach, and it consists of three key stages.

Step 1. To care for your hair daily first, comb. Don't skimp and take care of the hair with a comb with natural bristles. Pay attention to the scalp massage. Do not fumble hair, touch it as little as possible.

Step 2. Hair masks the hair is well grown, it is necessary to provide nourishment to the hair follicle. To do this, since ancient times used a variety of masks based on natural ingredients. They can be simple or complex. The effect of course depends on the products, frequency and time of application.

Как укрепить волосы в домашних условияхOil

Rubbing natural oils into the scalp is one of the most effective means. It could be sea buckthorn, castor, burdock, and other oils, and a mixture thereof. Application is simple: carefully massage the oil into the roots, put on a plastic cap, then wrap a towel and wait for 35 - 50 minutes. After – rinse. Repeat this procedure two times a week to achieve healthy hair.


Complex masochki hair

Как укрепить волосы в домашних условиях1. 1 part castor oil, 2 h. ethanol (96%). Massage into the scalp and leave for three to four hours. Wash with shampoo, then lightly acidic water (lemon juice, vinegar). Use once a week and your hair will be a lot to grow. Also effective rubbing mixture of castor oil and fish oil in equal parts.

2. One of the most popular and effective masks for hair done: honey, yolk and a third ingredient of your choice, based on what are home. It can be: castor oil, tincture of red pepper, burdock oil + crushed garlic clove. Massage into skin, okutyvaya with a towel and rinse after an hour. Can be kept longer.

3. Useful scrub for the head, but only if you do not have highly sensitive skin. The soaked bread crumb, crushed garlic cloves and coarse salt (preferably sea but table is possible). Fingers massaged the scalp, then wrap and wait one hour, rinse.

4. Juices. Grate the onion on a grater, resulting slurry squeeze the juice through gauze. Massage the juice into the scalp. You can also add garlic juice.

Step 3. Wash and rinse hair to Wash your hair preferably in the boiled water, but if this is not possible, then at least rinse a variety of teas: pomegranate peel, oak bark, burdock root, chamomile, nettle and other herbs. Choose the ingredient in accordance with your hair type. Well rinse your hair with acidic water. The scales of the hair tightly closed. Through time, instead of shampoo, use a mixture of beaten eggs and warm water. Apply twice and rinse. This method is suitable for dry hair. Most importantly, exactly how you wash your hair. This should be done in the direction of the hair, not pulling them. Lather only the roots of the hair and the ends will be washed the resulting foam during the rinse. Drink vitamins daily and half a Cup of decoction of nettle, calendula and burdock root (result in a month). If the mask is stubborn, add water, alcohol. Don't be afraid that it will smell of onion mask. He was not there after washing your hair. Use all the complex and systematically. Remember that the result will come in 2 - 4 weeks.