Do you have this: others think that it is unattainable, but you feel that you can achieve this. Is there a man, devoid of all ambition and it is good to be ambitious? "A few more steps... one More step...". Man whispering these words, for a long time rises to the mountain top.

He could stay here and still has not been reached. You need to turn back: fatigue, exhaustion, a long time go along. If he comes back, everyone will understand it, no one in no blame, because the feat is already done. "Just one more step," he whispers to himself, gathering the last strength, although he is well known as many meters, and the steps to be done. He keeps going no matter what. He can't imagine that you can return.

Persistence is peculiar, of course, not only to climbers. I can give an example of a scientist who writes night after night line after line, as if afraid that he did not have enough time to finish their work. And maybe really afraid of? Not only strength, but something called life comes to an end. And need the time to finish the last page, to put the last point in the book, which will be the main thing in his life, even if he sees her only in manuscript.

He is convinced of the need and values of their offspring. Relatives have long been amazed at how he has taken power. All withered, he manages to get up all early and go to bed later, if the forces do not leave it and be reborn again. But why "if"? Error no: he gives strength to the unfinished book. Inexplicably, of all that is characteristic of ambition, we're the worst.

Knowing that someone is ambitious, we usually imagine a person's violent, aggressive, arrogant, arrogant and even vindictive. But let's look on the good side of ambition. What is it? To wait, to gather strength, to achieve the difficult, distant goal. All it seems that you will not be able to meet this goal, but you feel that they are able to prove otherwise, you only need time and effort.

Such ambition is inherent in the people of different nervous organization, of disparate temperaments, although its forms vary: some violent and demonstrative, others hidden, quiet, apparently does not detect.