Boat and deserted beach

Very extreme place! Many men can't live without fishing, so try to make his beloved company. And fish catch, and sex in a boat try. After this man wants to take you fishing with me constantly.


This is not the sea. The pool water, unlike natural ponds, crystal clear, and it shows literally everything. You have to seize the moment when there were no other swimmers to enjoy each other. Or visit the pool at night.

The plane

If you went on holiday with his half, then begin to break away on all cylinders it's already on the plane. Toilet – the only place where you can retire. Not too comfortable, but very extreme, if you are afraid of heights and unexpected visitors.


Making love can and in the toilet of the train. Only you can disturb passengers who urgently need to visit the restroom. And place in the toilet is not enough, have to study hitherto unseen poses. But you can redeem the compartment fully, and then you nobody will prevent to love each other under the wheels.

Night club

Summer, short skirt, flushed the nightclub atmosphere where you rest with her lover. Your slim legs, of course, can't leave him indifferent. And to go home do not want to. Try sex in a nightclub toilet! The main thing – not to Express loudly his pleasure. In fact, places for sex much more, it all depends on you and your imagination.