To create this area can make a bed of colorful annuals and perennial evergreen plants. The creation of this beauty of the spring. The first step is to remove all the turf at the selected site in width approximately 2 meters and a length of 1.5. The soil you need to dig harder. After removing all the weeds and make compost.

What plants you will need for decorating:

  • Fiery Lobelia
  • Verbena
  • Brilliant rudbeckia
  • Narrow-leaved zinnia
  • Filamentous Yucca

The main tone of this bed will be lush blooming and colorful flowers, which by their nature completely unpretentious. On a bed should be a plate the size of 60x60 centimeters, at which to set the pot of clay. Approximately at a distance of twenty centimeters, can be planted Lobelia.

Sublime fiery stalks of Lobelia will be perfectly combined with sword-shaped leaves of the Yucca, which should be located directly in front of the vessel. And the rest of the distance between the plants will be able to fill the vervain. Its small red flowers are beautifully created to dilute the carpet.

Along the front edge to do the flower bed flowers are zinnias. Put zinnia needs a distance of thirty centimeters. And next to it will maintain the color and beauty of rudbeckia. The distance should be sixty inches.

For the plants in the flowerbed sought up, you can make a additional extraordinary support. To dilute the diversity of colors, it is necessary to add a neutral evergreens.

It is recommended to compile such flower beds to apply only long blooming plants. But in autumn, you can plant it early tulips and daffodils. The bloom will come immediately with the onset of spring.

These plants are quite undemanding, but it does not mean that their planting can be treated with disdain. For plants it is better to choose a Sunny place. And the soil they love the light, humus. During severe droughts periodically to water the flowers. Periodically, it is recommended to make the appropriate fertilizers. Best suited mineral, stimulating the growth of plants.