First, you have to imagine the entire "picture" that is a vision of the future "works of art". The plot of a dream, created based on your submission, would produce a considerable impression, even if there will not be enough of any element. For example, the old Russian hut. They are overgrown, but they still learn because they have their own flavor.

Everyone needs to understand what he wants. Can be pass through the flower field, sanctified the warm sunshine? Or Vice versa, a dense thicket, with a huge number of species of trees and a nice bench in the center? This stage helps to think globally and avoid mistakes in the future. But it happens sometimes that a person seriously can't be "Mature" and realize what he likes. For this purpose there are special people who are so called "experts". They will push and "opens" the eye and choose what you really fit. For any question, you can use it to them.

Secondly, it is important to determine what buildings and plants located there, where will be erected in the garden, you are really expensive. This will help one simple question: "if it Brings me joy?". If so, feel free to leave what you care about. If not, then with a clear conscience get rid of this and do not regret it.

Thirdly, in any case do not "collect" garden pieces! If you act this way, then nothing will! After all, to build a house, you should carefully consider the "base", and then saturate it with details. There is one Golden rule: "From General to private". For starters, you can make a layout, and then to detail and think about issues from the series: "What flowers to plant?".

Also, lately rushed up interest in a topic such as "garden maze". It is a variety of shrubs, which can be confusing. There is a myth that the labyrinth would look better on a big, open space, but experts say that it is not. Plot 5-8 hundred this version of the design of free space will be even more interesting.

Fourth, do not forget about color palette. Once the overall project plan has been laid out, we can proceed to details. Everything should more or less be combined, because if the chair is pink, and the table is brown, it will not very harmonious and it will be evident to everyone. This is important to think about colours. For example, white daisies are a perfect match to the blue house and the green lawn. And also white plants, expand the space visually and make it lighter.

Lovers of horticulture often want to know and practice the rules of landscape design. In principle, such rules should not be at all! Many of the submissions also reference prescribed certain norms of trees per square meter, the percent of turf on site and so on. Only created for green areas in cities. To apply these rules on a country garden is just nonsense.

Most importantly, there is the rule called "right." After all, what you read was created by people with their views on life and comfort. Each person adjusts all by itself and not the fact that your family, friends or you will be comfortable, if you do it as directed in the references. So, as they say, "use your head" and good thoughts will come to you success. So listen to yourself and your heart!