Deviation from wedding taboo

Psychologists say that wedding in our culture is often overestimated and overly covered with a veil of immunity. Since childhood, girls are brought up to play with dolls, princesses and thus prepare them for the role of bride and mother. All of this is the roots of unrealistic expectations that perekashivayutsya in older age. Women expect that your wedding day should be absolutely perfect, they will be princesses and idyllic cohabitation with the perfect partner lasts until death. So facing reality can be very painful. Keep in mind that this was the only wedding, and if things don't work out, life goes on. You will have other chances and opportunities.

You did this to yourself

No one is saying that divorce is common and easy. On the other hand, if you came to this decision, this was probably a good reason. No reason to stay in a relationship that you don't satisfy and cause stressful situations. The fact that you found the courage and strength for such a step is quite commendable.

You have once again opened for themselves

The fact that you are divorced, allows you to get back their freedom and gives the opportunity to safely discover new people, new things, places, and events without the need for anyone to explain or be criticized.