Ginger helps in ovarian cancer

Severe and insidious disease is mortality in the first place among all oncological pathologies such Genesis. Even survival over five years if the cancer is only 20-25%. In the treatment of tumor patients still undergo painful chemotherapy. Thus, in the future, treatment to destroy cancer cells may become more gentle.

According to a study done at the University of Michigan, the miracle tuber ginger successfully eliminates malicious substances in cells, which are responsible for their growth and survival. And this happens without side effects, because natural properties of ginger are perceived better than synthetic medications.

During testing, the destroyed cancer cells treated with solution prepared from ginger powder. Speaking in plain language, the ginger causes the cancer cells to fight with ourselves and with other harmful cells.

Ginger reduces swelling by 56%

The researchers were able to find out that ginger fights cancer cells of the prostate and intestines. They found during the experiment that the tumor under the action of ginger is reduced by 56%. Previous studies confirm the results obtained by scientists of the University of Michigan. Scientists from Saudi Arabia said a moment ago that a fresh elixir of ginger may reduce proliferation of cancer cells of the breast. Positive feature: a small tuber is active only against diseased cells, leaving healthy live.

These experiments give hope of receiving a new drug from ginger, which will assist in effective fight against cancer. While studies are at the experimental stage.