Thus, the popular typewriter was replaced by a personal computer or laptop. Heavy wooden landlines have been replaced by plastic phones with rotary dialer, and they, in turn, was replaced by a convenient, portable cordless phones, then came cell phones, which gave way to smartphones – a hybrid of phone and computer.

This evolution has affected all modern gadgets. Their main features – compact size, functionality, convenience. With the advent of technology our world is based on the concepts of – fast, high quality, beautiful and useful. For example, with the advent of MP3 players, music has become accessible anywhere and anytime because it is convenient.

Electronic machines can often help out their owners. Their charm in ease of handling. At any time, if we talk about the computer and the Internet, you can find and share with other people on the other end of the city, instantly almost any information.

Also, the network can find, for example, a book that is not in access in the library. The distinctive qualities of a smartphone in versatility and ease of use. One little piece of iron has everything you need – and watch, and a camera, and other necessary fixtures.