Due to the economic situation in the country, in modern families often found this situation, when both spouses work. Psychologists believe that this is an important factor influencing family life. Women, who used all his free time doing household chores, had quite a lot of work, practically renouncing former duties. In many couples, the question arises, who and how to do household chores, how they will divide household duties.

It often happens that couples who devote themselves to work, often face conflicts in the family. Both men and women get tired of working everyday, monotonous work. Arriving home, tired spouses can "break" each other and, without noticing, to create a conflict. When both spouses are busy advancing his career, it is quite hard to get away from conflicts and quarrels. They often lack is time not with family, no household chores household, no for themselves.


Than it can threaten? The answer to this question lies on the surface. A marriage can disintegrate. The couple will be doomed to loneliness. They are deprived of family warmth and support of a loved one. And even made in the work the results may not bring the proper enjoyment. How to avoid such a fate?

Couples with a similar problem should try to protect their relationship. A marriage that does not feed the senses, is doomed, she'll push thoughts about love and second half. Therefore it is high time to realize their mistakes. Until it was too late. Do not have to choose career or family. Just need to learn how to combine them.

For constantly working spouses are important free time to spend together, to organize joint campaigns at cinema, cafe or Museum. Warm the family hearth dinners. At least at home. Trips out of town, on nature, will also positively impact on relationships. It is important to find at least 15 minutes to just chat with a loved one. Not on everyday topics, and about the feelings and experiences of each other. In such moments you should listen carefully to the partner, to try to give him advice. It is important not to forget about each other and not to put career above family, because true love is not easy to find.

Household duties, too, can pull a couple down. It is not necessary to wait until family troubles escalate. Duties just need to specify in advance and divided between the spouses. Do not forget to leave work a couple can do together. Combining the necessary work around the house with a pleasant spending time with a loved one.

What is more important – family or work? Everyone has the right to decide for himself. But those who value both the first and the second should be able to allocate your time so as not to be later at "the broken trough".