But, unfortunately, many moms complain that the curls climb, almost beams. Some notice that they have receding hairline. Your family members find your hair is just everywhere: on beds, clothes in the bathroom and even in food. And each asks a question, and whether to freak out about it.

The reason, of course, available, but they are all quite natural. Therefore, panic is still not worth it. But let's see why is this so?

During pregnancy hormonal changes. First the body is trying to regain lost time and the amount of hair is greatly increased. After birth occurs the reverse process, because the body returns to its normal state, this is a dual role when feeding the baby. All the regrown hairs start to fall out. You absolutely do not lose anything extra. Your hair returns to the normal state as before pregnancy. During the year, your condition should return to normal.

But if you every day with tears in my eyes see excessive hair loss, then you will come with a few recipes of beauty.

During breastfeeding to this recovery should be treated wisely. It is not necessary to buy in the shops of different chemicals, because after all they will get into your milk.

The best salvation will be the people's methods of treatment:

1) Rinse your hair with decoction of natural herbs (chamomile, succession, nettle, St. John's wort). They will help to strengthen the hair bulbs. Follow this technique every time you wash.

2) One to two times per month, you can wash your hair not your usual shampoo, and beer solution.

3) Masochki hair. While severe hair loss is recommended burdock or castor oil. Before washing, massage the oil and leave for two hours. After the procedure, rinse with warm water and then rinse your hair with shampoo.

Another great recipe is based on honey. Take one table spoon of honey and add aloe juice. Heat the mixture. Meanwhile, peel a clove of garlic and crush them in Chesnokovka. Mix all the ingredients. Apply to tresses and a half to two hours.

4) Do a scalp massage every time before shampooing for ten minutes. You should feel the scalp burn a little. At this point starts to work hard circulation, which affects the growth and strengthening of hair.