Advice 1: Way to marry a foreigner

Many girls want to meet a beautiful Prince, but not simple, and overseas. It is believed that such gentlemen beautiful, rich and most likely they'll take to lead such a "fabulous" country.
Way to marry a foreigner

The easiest way to get acquainted with a foreigner on the Internet. There are plenty of specialized sites. According to the statistics, they really helped to create a countless number of unions. However, immediately after registering on the site of a miracle in the form of a proposal of marriage can be expected. And even if it happens, it is at least suspicious. Decisive action should be done – to study the psychology of men, foreign languages, ability to communicate on various topics and to adapt the dialogue.

In practice, strong women are several times more likely to "hook up" with a foreigner. If you wait until a foreigner to find a specific person, you can even manage to grow old. The best technique to disarm the hearts of the foreigner or ties dialogue to ask for advice in the topic which he understands. For example, if a man loves fishing, then you should ask him what bait is best or what rod is required for certain types of fish. Thus it is necessary to constantly praise the alien as a skilled and indispensable man, because men like compliments not less than women.

To marry a foreigner can also, if you often go to rest in resorts. But there will have to take the initiative. Knowledge of languages, good appearance and personality will be in this case assistants.

Advice 2: How to meet foreigners

If you come to visit foreigners, try to meet them so that everyone was comfortable, fun and enjoyable. Consider pre-plan: you should be about what places and events you visit with your foreign guests.
How to meet foreigners
Speak with foreigners in the same language. This can be as your native tongue and their language. Usually foreigners coming to another country, want to learn the language of this country, so try to help them. As often as possible communicate with them, explain in simple words the meaning of unfamiliar words, etc.
Meeting foreigners at home, don't forget to tell them what and how they can use it in your apartment. For example, if they can in your absence to include any equipment, etc. don't forget to buy a SIM card in case you break up. Sometimes you may need to purchase a new mobile phone, as different countries may be different standards of mobile communication.
Show the aliens interesting and unusual places in your city. Perhaps this is some place where you like to go or often had in childhood. Any joint trips will be interesting for your foreign guests.
Surprise foreigners the unusual customs of your country. In Russia, for example, is a Russian sauna, hunting, fishing, etc., Prepare everything to ensure that this surprise was pleasant.
For foreigners prepare their national dishes because nobody can cook and serve, for example, pancakes with caviar as Russian people. Treat their national specialities, share recipes in your food.
Engage in active sports. For example, if aliens came to you in the New Year, go with them to the rink or go sledding or skiing. The time spent in this manner will be unforgettable. Don't forget to make a snowman or a snowman, play snowballs, etc.
Tell the foreigners about the culture of your country, show the relevant books, paintings, photographs. As often as possible and drive them to various exhibitions and performances. All this contributes to the familiarity of foreigners with the culture of your country and learning the language.
Acquaint foreigners with your friends and relatives. It will be very interesting to spend one or more days as is traditionally performed it people in the country they're visiting. For example, go together to a concert or a movie, and then mix them in your favorite coffee shop.
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