Study market conditions, determine available in your city suppliers of raw materials and the possible marketing of finished products. Independently or with the help of experts, develop a business plan. Compare the terms offered by the suppliers of raw materials, and choose the optimal variant.
Rent the necessary space. Consider all necessary sanitary-hygienic requirements and fire safety issues. If the Supervisory authorities will find working conditions are unsuitable, the work permit you get.
Purchase the necessary equipment, taking into account the possibility of marketing the products. It is better to start with small volumes of product, as you may have difficulty with implementation. You can choose a fully equipped processing line for the production of small batches of semi-finished products. If you assume that the automatic is only part of the process, and for example, molding or packing of goods will be done manually, can purchase only those devices that are needed.
Pick up all necessary normative-technical documentation, especially if you are engaged in meat products. Then agree on the conditions of production-Station and go through the certification process.
Pick and train the staff. Each employee should have a sanitary book and every year to undergo medical examination at the company's expense.
Negotiate with suppliers of raw materials. Best of all, if producers of raw materials would be close. For example, a workshop for production of meat semi-finished products it is advisable to place near a slaughterhouse to reduce transportation costs.
Take care of the packaging. It should be listed: company name, product, date and time of manufacture, the expiration date.
Find the place of sale, although it is better to agree in advance. These can be small shops, supermarkets, markets.