Steering wheel wood insert, but the hands holding the grasping the skin. The distance between the front seats is huge, landing high. Changes are not visible, they are technical: QX80 now he slows down if there is danger of collision, even reversing.

Legroom in the second row of the QX60 in no less, and chairs moving in the longitudinal direction, but the QX80 is significantly wider, and the seats are not so low — plus long journey. Even the spread out third row of seats there is some space for Luggage.

Mentioned QX60 — five-meter seven-seater crossover, which is equipped with a petrol V6 (3.5 l, 262 HP), or hybrid (compressor, the Quartet 2.5 + electric motor, 250 HP). It is inferior to the patency of the QX80, but surpasses it in the transformation of the cabin.

Interior – 9,0

Despite some flaws (a million buttons and an imperfect interface media system), the cabin is commendable. In any color it creates an impression of luxury and advanced technical level. For an SUV of this class is suitable even more European restraint.

Passengers – 8,5

Passengers (although QX80 rarely see them) nothing to complain about: the climate, multimedia, Cup holders, space... QX60 TO the possible transformation of the cabin is much wider, but the QX80 offers power folding rear seats and the opportunity to order separate seats in the second row.

Overall rating is 8.5