Banner advertising

This is invented in order to reinforce in the minds of Internet surfers information about a brand or service. Besides, in the case of banner ads anything to write, think or create is not necessary. Because the advertiser places has long been established his own banner.

The disadvantage of this advertising is that there are no guarantees that the advertiser will choose your website, and there is no guarantee that if you choose, you will pay a good amount.


• Banner ads does not require a lot of action. Just need to place it and no more endeavors.


• Minus here only one but very significant. Will pay a little. The advertiser will spend too much money on the development of the banner, so for his offering, it will seek to pay less.

Teaser ads

If earn with banners is not possible, then come to the aid of teasers.

Teaser — this is a mystery. An advertising message that contains particular information about the product, and while the product itself is not displayed.

To make the teasers of course, but the downside is that, as a rule, the teaser contains a minimum of truth and lots of exaggeration. So before you place on your website a teaser, think a hundred times and two hundred check of the advertiser.


  • This is can earn good money.
  • The simplicity of this advertising is through the roof. Teaser is a hundred times easier banner, and thus pay for it much better.
  • As a rule, teaser advertising brings big income and in high demand. Therefore, without money and work in the market of teaser ads, no one will.


  • Many very annoying teaser ads. So if you do not want to get disapproval from their subscribers, or worse — the formal reply, in this way it is better not to earn.
  • Advertising on the website — always a risk. And the placement of teaser and banner advertising — risk squared. All Internet users love two things: free websites and no ads. Therefore, after the posting of any advertising the number of subscribers or regular visitors, as a rule, decreases.

If the choice is between a teaser and banner advertising, the most harmless — banner, and more highly — teaser. Of course, the risk of teaser ads in the times more, but on the other hand, by posting on its website advertising, you do not force anyone to click on advertising icons.

To say for sure what kind of advertising is better, not. Everything has its pros and cons. The website owners should decide for themselves that their users will be better and what is not.