However, in order to really earn through advertising on your site, you need to create a good project that is popular. But it's pretty expensive. You will have to spend money on website creation, hosting, domain, promotion, optimization and content useful content. All of these items are quite expensive, so not everyone runs the risk of creating a project in the hope that it will ever pay off.

However, if a person took a chance and didn't fail, then all he can get! If the site begins to appear in the top results of search engines, gets regular visitors and it has good ratings, it is possible to recover their investment in the project through advertising.

There are several types of advertisements for your site:

1. Banner advertising

This is presented in the form of Intrusive banner ads that are flashing on the site and all bright enticed to click on your own. However, banner advertising is still good because you pay not for clicks on ads, but simply for their shows. That is the main thing that the visitor has seen the advertisement. Banner advertising is quite profitable, however due to the fact that it loads the website and difficult to focus on the information to the visitors, search engines are bad for sites with such ads. Sites with a huge and Intrusive banners rarely appear in the top results of search engines.

2. Teaser ads

Represent a text ad which is accompanied by a provocative image. These ads are good because it frequently clicked by visitors, thereby bringing you profit. However, due to the fact that all the teasers are elements of the "yellow" information, search engines are not delighted at the sites with the ad data.

3. Contextual advertising

This is the most common among web masters. Represents a simple text ad, sometimes accompanied by a picture. At first glance it may seem that nobody will click on the ads and it will not bring money, but it's wrong. The beauty of context is that all the ads for each individual visitor, so if your interested in the phone, then the ad unit will display ads associated with this topic. It is worth noting that with proper advertising can be very effectively monetize the site.