Existing types of advertising

Outdoor advertising in the crowded places and in the vicinity of the advertised goods, works fairly well under certain conditions. So, the farther away from the places of sales, the efficiency is less, and the longer the banner is updated, the more familiar it becomes, and it is not paying attention. In addition, limited the possibility of placing comprehensive information about the advertised product.

Advertising on television and radio is quite expensive and therefore, as a rule, very concise. In addition, according to marketing and social research, many potential buyers are very skeptical attitude to such advertising. She was simply annoying.

Newspapers and magazines with your target audience, is also quite effective way to attract the attention of "his" buyer. This ad will not switch off by pressing the button, as what is placed on television or radio. In addition, in a newspaper ad you can put all the information that will give consumers a full picture of the product.

According to surveys, one of the most effective forms of advertising today is online advertising. The cost is not as high as TV, and there is a possibility to tie it to the search query greatly improves the effectiveness of advertising. But the effectiveness of different types of Internet advertising are not the same.
Banners and pop-UPS on Internet sites, contrary to the expectations of advertisers, looks at a small number of users: only 25 and 13%, respectively.

Win-win options for online advertising

Research conducted by Adfusion in the USA showed that one of the most effective types of online advertising are the informative articles that contain information about a specific product brand or brand. These articles review and carefully read more than half of respondents. The second most effective was the mailing of promotional materials by e-mail, they're almost 47% of users.
Polls show that the Russians have confidence in traditional types of advertising is reduced, the most serious arguments in favor of the purchase of a product become reviews-recommendations.

But lately the social network, playing the role of "word of mouth" is approved as one of the most effective advertising platforms. Viral and hidden advertising, which is in the form of user reviews that are not related to the advertised brand, causes the greatest trust from potential buyers.