It is well known that the graphical image is better fixed in the memory than text material. The level of earnings on such advertising largely depends on the popularity and traffic of your site and the level of prices for placement of banners. Although last but not least the income will depend on the advertiser and its solvency.

In the network there are resources to help fill the empty advertising space on your website. Primarily among them can be noted such services:

  • Large developed network of AdvMaker.
  • Exchange-traded instruments Rotaban.
  • Affiliate program Vpodskazke.

To improve efficiency and attract advertisers it is advisable to place on your own website page dedicated to the description of pricing policy, attendance and popularity of the website. You can place a hit counter that will allow potential advertisers to gauge the popularity of a web resource. At the same time, it must be said that the glut of the amount of pages of the website with banner information can irritate ordinary users of the resource and result in ignoring of such pages from the search engines.

Search services such as Yandex or Google can drop sites in the search results because of an excessive number of banner ads. This is especially true of the types of banners that interfere with the productive view of the page content. Direct the user to other sites or the registration form other resources. If not refer to services where you need to enter the data of payment cards to pay for unnecessary service. In the state's two most popular search services, there are special people whose job it is to assess the quality of sites on the basis of the number of hype. It is obvious therefore that it is reasonable not to overdo it when placing advertising banners on your own website and keep the balance.