You will need
  • - to have your own website
  • - to have an electronic purse Webmoney or Yandex Money
  • - to have at least a basic knowledge of HTML
All ways of selling trafficand your own website are to attract visitors to other Internet resources that you will receive the money. So to sell your trafficand was the most effective, sites for sale trafficand you need to choose the most similar your resource on the subject. In this case, the transitions from your site to other will be greater and, consequently, your income from the sale of trafficand will be higher.
An important role plays the type of hosting resource: paid or free. If your site is hosted on a free hosting (usually this hosting service is provided together with the mandatory publication on your website extraneous banners and links - thus kompensiruet the cost of the space occupied by the site on the hosting server), the ways of selling trafficbut much less than the website on a paid hosting. This is due to the fact that some sites customers trafficas opposed to resources on free hosting due to extraneous non-thematic advertising, but also believe that the attitude of the owner of the site on free hosting are not serious.
The most important role in getting profits from the sale of trafficand there is traffic to the site. The more traffic, the more visitors will be interested in banners or links leading to sites that purchase from you traffic. The more people go from your site to other sites-buyers trafficand the more profit You will get. Also in some systems of sales trafficand a requirement that attendance was not less than any amount of unique visitors a day for several months.
Usually payments in the system purchases trafficand produced electronic money, therefore, to profit from the sale of trafficand you must have an electronic purse Webmoney or Yandex Money. E-wallet you can get absolutely free.
On the Internet there are several ways of selling traffic.One of the ways of selling trafficand is a contextual advertising offered by any major search engine. By participating in this sales system trafficand you place advertising blocks containing text information. When clicked the links of contextual advertising you get paid for every unique click. Text information in the blocks varies depending on the theme of your website or the subject of the last query of the visitor in the search engines. It is believed that this thematic focus of the promotional materials effective, as the interests of the visitor viewing the web page. But in practice, contextual advertising is only good for large sites because the ratio of clicks to number of impressions is small.
The next way sales trafficand is a cooperation with advertising brokers. Advertising brokers are sites buying clicks on advertisements (text blocks), banners (images) and teasers(pictures with text). For cooperation with advertising brokers you place on your website special code. In place of the embed code will display ads, banners or teasers. At the transition of the visitor on those ads You will get paid for every unique click.
There are also banner exchange on buying trafficand where payment is made for the banner or for the term of his placement. That is, posting on the site banner, you will get paid for the number of impressions to your site visitors or for the term of banner placement on Your website.
Best way to sell trafficand is the affiliate program of other websites. By participating in the affiliate program of any website, you get a set of banners or links that you will need to place on your resource. If you click on the link or banner from your website visitor has performed a specified action (filled out the application, signed up, ordered the item, etc.). on the website of the affiliate program, you receive money to your personal account on the website of the affiliate program. Payment for a completed action or order of the customer is much higher than for the display or move the banner.
There are aggregators of affiliate programs websites that combines several affiliate programs and allowing, by registering only once, to take part in different affiliate programs. Income from participation in different affiliate programs aggregator added up and credited to your personal account in this system.