Each of us will face bad events and good. But we tend to store in the memory of the bad things longer than good. And if something bad and dumb happened to us in public, our feelings on this issue are doubled. Each time, thinking of the memories about this, we are adding bright colors to their imagination and thinking for others as they reacted to this and that thought. Or worse, think that they remember everything as clearly as we do. But it's not. Nobody will keep this film in memory of you, just as much as you, savoring every detail. You can not even strain for this reason. All their embarrassments abound, they do not need and nowhere to store in your memory and your.

Time erases clear boundaries and details of the events, leaving only the fact that it was. And over time, people may have doubts whether it was you or someone else. To make it easier to get rid of bad memories, you can enjoy one of the most simple psychological trick, but, nevertheless, very effective. For example, take a blank piece of paper and start drawing doodles on it. Reproduce in memory the picture of what happened, start to drive on the leaf, while the memories without taking your hands away from the leaf. When finished, look at the piece, it will be ugly Doodle curves, they are just as ugly as the memory itself. Take that piece of paper in both hands, concentrate, and with the power crumple it. Then throw in the trash. So you sent it to his memory in the trash. After this, you need to be sure to reward yourself with something, or distracted by something pleasant. And remember always that we are not robots, but living beings, and that none of us is perfect to such an extent that it was moments like this.