So, for cooking stuffed Turkey breast with mushrooms and mozzarella will need the following set of components:

  • thyme fresh;
  • Turkey breast (520 g);
  • freshly squeezed juice from half lemon;
  • pepper freshly ground allspice and black (at its discretion);
  • carrots of medium size (2 pieces);
  • food salt;
  • vegetable broth (210 ml);
  • mozzarella cheese (1 package);
  • Royal mushrooms (210 g);
  • olive oil, cold pressed (1 tbsp);
  • small zucchini (4 pieces);
  • shallot (2 bulbs).

Very sharp and quite thin with a kitchen knife to cut a pocket in the Turkey breast, then meat, salt and season with pepper. All zucchini and mushrooms after processing, cut into fairly small cubes, then chop the peeled shallots. Mozzarella first, drain in a colander, then cut into very small cubes, mix it with chopped vegetables.

You only need a separate dish to postpone chopped shallot (1 tbsp), season the cheese and vegetable mixture, put it in the pocket cut in the breast, secure with toothpicks or kitchen skewers.

Olive oil in the required amount of heat in a frying pan with a thick bottom, fry it on a good stuffed Turkey breast. Add to the pan the broth, simmer with the lid on for twenty minutes. Zucchini very finely chopped, also chop the carrots and mushrooms Royal. To the chest add the shallots and chopped vegetables, season again, cover again and within fifteen minutes to extinguish.

Put cooked stuffed Turkey breast on a plate, put in some warm place. Steamed vegetables additionally season with freshly ground pepper, edible salt, fresh thyme and fresh lemon juice.