You will need
    • steak with cottage cheese:
    • 500 g fillet of Turkey;
    • 100 g of cottage cheese;
    • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil;
    • 50 g fresh herbs (Basil);
    • salt
    • black pepper.
    • Stuffed Turkey breast:
    • 500 g fillet of Turkey;
    • 2 apples;
    • 100 g prunes;
    • 50 g butter;
    • 1 teaspoon of sugar;
    • 3 tablespoons flour;
    • 2 eggs;
    • 3 tablespoons of milk;
    • spices to taste.
    • Turkey with peppers and mushrooms:
    • 600 g fillet of Turkey;
    • 500 g mushrooms;
    • 100 g onions;
    • pepper (Bulgarian);
    • 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil;
    • 50 g butter;
    • spices to taste.
    • Turkey with mushrooms:
    • 500 g fillet of Turkey;
    • 1 Bank of canned mushrooms;
    • 1 packet dry mushroom soup;
    • 200 g of cream;
    • salt
    • pepper to taste.
Steak with cottage cheese. Fillet of Turkey wash, dry and slightly repel. Make small but deep incisions for the stuffing, season with salt. Basil wash, dry and chop. Mix it with cottage cheese, pepper and stuff a fillet of a Turkey. In a pan, fry received the steaks on both sides in low heat for 15-20 minutes. Serve the finished steaks with vegetables and fresh herbs.
Stuffed fillet of Turkey. Apples wash, peel and core. Slice them into strips. The prunes, boil for 10-15 minutes, remove bones and chop. Mix the apples, prunes and the necessary amount of sugar. The stuffing is ready.Fillet of Turkey wash, dry and whisk lightly, then season with salt. In the middle of a fillet put some of the filling and wrap the envelope. Dip the envelope in flour and eggs, whipped with milk. Fry the stuffed fillet of a Turkey on low heat for 20-25 minutes until fully cooked. The resulting dish is garnish with a sprig of fresh herbs.
Turkey with peppers and mushrooms. Fillet of Turkey wash, dry and cut into pieces small size. Add salt and fry them in vegetable oil for 15-20 minutes. Onions and mushrooms chop and fry in butter. Sweet pepper wash, remove seeds and cut it into squares (2X2 cm). Sauté peppers in vegetable oil for 5-10 minutes. Mix onions, mushrooms and pepper and serve as side dish to filet turkeys.
Turkey with mushrooms. Fillet the Turkey rinse, salt and pepper. Mix the cream with the sachet of dry soup and add canned mushrooms. Lay fillet in pan and cover with mushrooms in cream. It should bake in a preheated 220 degree oven for 30-40 minutes.