A recipe for delicious scrambled eggs is extremely easy.

  • Finely sliced onions (3 medium size pieces onto a large pan) and fry in vegetable oil until light of podzharistoy.
  • Added to the onions chopped in small pieces sausage "doctor" or sausage (3-4 pieces), cut into thin washers. All of this also brought to light podzharistoy.
  • Before roasting products can go into scorching in the pan add cut in fine slices tomato (1-1,5 PCs.) or (in the absence of fresh tomato) ketchup. After adding the tomatoes burning is already can not be afraid.
  • On a grater rubbed a bit of cheese (50 g) is added to the pan and everything is mixed.
  • Eggs (chicken, ordinary, 4 PCs.) in turn divide and pour into the pan, without destroying the yolks. This item is better to perform quickly to all your eggs in a result, equally prepared.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Mix everything except egg yolks. From the yolks carefully with a knife remove a thin film of protein. Repeat this paragraph a few times every 30 seconds, then less often, until fully cooked.

The dish is considered ready when all of the protein has lost transparency (turned white), and the yolks were just going to go from liquid to solid. At exact observance of the formulation of potential consumers going to the table in the luring smell long before full cooked meals. And most importantly: in any case can not cover the pan at any of the stages of cooking, otherwise the dish will be ruined!