Every webmaster would like to have a good project that people will like, will love the audience. But not all for some reason choose SDL and consent to an intentional reduction in the quality of the website in order to earn as much and as quickly as possible.

How good are satellites

All sites are created for profit and the idea is that they are created to provide some information or services to people. But it is in theory. In practice it turns out that you can create a quality website and earn money. This is done by getting traffic from the search engines for low-frequency queries, or using alternative traffic sources. To implement monetization in any way, even with minimal attendance. And the simpler the site, the cheaper and faster its creation that attracts webmasters. That is, they believe that it is possible to create multiple projects and to establish cash flow. So many webmasters, especially beginners focused on the creation of satellites.

Why is SDL better than the satellites

The problem with any satellite is a small life-time and low yield. SDL deprived of such shortcomings, because they like the people, and, consequently, search engines. As the audience loyal to such projects, webmasters can extract a high enough profit.

However, to create a SDL is not so simple. First, you need to properly think through the idea of the project, and here without a certain level of competence in the chosen field is not enough. Not everyone will be able to come up with a good website that people will like. Also for the development of the SDL will need quality content, which to not so easy. Another drawback is that to profit from such a project will fail immediately, because first you need to win the trust of the people to make a website popular, but it takes a lot of time and money. Not every webmaster agrees to invest so much in a website, the more that the project may not gain popularity there are always risks. Therefore, the Internet is constantly updated by the satellites.

But if you overcome all these issues, then we could get a quality project that will provide the publishers a profit. Also to develop a useful resource for human beings much nicer than the packs of useless sites.

If SDL was able to popularity, the webmaster can only maintain it at the proper level, with a little time to your website. It turns out that at the same income level, the webmaster will be forced to spend considerably more time and money on maintaining a dozen satellites, while at SDL, and requires less time and work more pleasant. So the NLL will always be much better than any satellite in the long term.