Let's look at some benefits of promoting low-frequency queries.

The fact that low-frequency queries are not able to attract large numbers of visitors to the site. This suggests that many webmasters and especially businessmen don't want to use, because it is considered a waste of time. But we should not jump to conclusions.

Today there are a lot of low-frequency queries, where the competition is very low. This suggests that when optimising a website for such queries, you can quickly and with minimal cost to move up in the results. Of course, since low-frequency queries just can't attract a decent traffic, you have to use multiple queries. When optimizing a large number of content to fit the tweeters can increase attendance to a normal level.

Progress through the woofer obviously will cost the owner of the site is cheaper than using other types of queries. But here we need a large enough amount of content to cover a large number of different low-frequency queries. But if you find a cheap way of producing content, then this problem disappears. Exchanges of texts you can find authors who are willing to write lyrics for minimum money, and it is one of the solutions to the problems.

Another interesting property of the woofers is that they are more accurate. Therefore, with proper use, you can attract targeted traffic. While even high-frequency and mid-frequency queries are more General, after all, consist of a small number of words, low frequency allow to Express more specifics. Thus, if correctly to pick up the key words of long sentences, you can go for obtaining such a traffic, which will generate revenue for the site. For example, the highrate words "monitors" and will attract such visitors who are interested in repairing monitors, and their purchase and will come such people who just want to compare prices or simply to see the characteristics. But if the site is only interested in the buyers, that is much more profitable to use "to buy a monitor ASUS 21 "delivery". Here and competition will be lower and more targeted traffic.

As for optimization, the use of low frequency will help to increase the relevance of content. This is a very precise queries, as discussed earlier, so here the author of the article for the site will not be able to move away from the point. So the content turns out to be very relevant. And it also contributes significantly to the promotion in search results. And the creation of a large number of content under a variety of low-frequency queries allows the site to take a better position in the results in several results. Well, and further positions at the mid-frequency queries themselves will catch up. You just need to start to attract some traffic, especially if we are talking about targeted traffic, positions are growing much faster.