The advantages of search engines

One of the most popular search engines in Russia today are the search engines "Yandex" and Google. "Yandex" was originally used practices of Google, but over time the company began to implement its own algorithms to search for desired information. Google is one of the most common search engines in the world.
To date, the company applies new methods for more accurate search.

The advantage of "Yandex" in front of other search engines in the Russian Internet is the ability to search by region. The program displays results that are most relevant for a user in accordance with its location. For example, for the query "buy door", the user will receive offers that are relevant to its city in which it is located. The corresponding results for other cities and regions will be displayed on the last page. A similar algorithm was introduced in Google.

Another advantage of "Yandex" is the fast support. If you encounter difficulties in finding the user can contact the service customer support and quickly get the desired response.

"Yandex" and Google search provides the most accurate response to the user's request thanks to the semantic engine, which sorts the pages that match the query even on a single website. For example, if one web resource has several pages of useful information, search engine and display multiple results from the site.


The disadvantage of "Yandex" it is possible to note a large number of contextual advertising that may distract the user from finding the desired information, cluttering page results, which will not always be useful. The same trend is emerging in the Google, Bing and
The user must be able to distinguish relevant information derived from advertising.

Another disadvantage of search engines is a frequent mismatch of the results of the created search request. To achieve more accurate results one has to use additional search operators and apply your own techniques to convert phrases so that the system elicited more appropriate data.

Due to the specifics of each search engine can be combined using several search engines. Because of the orientation of "Yandex" on the Russian user, the search engine better handles commercial queries and services available in a particular region. Worse Google searches for the information that is associated with the Russian companies, but better displays the results for informational queries that match its original specificity – Google was originally planned as an information service.