Advice 1: How to create a website to communicate for free

Become the owner of your own site for specific needs is becoming easier with each passing day. Now it is very accessible, easy and simple. There are many free hosting sites that will help you to create your own website in just a few minutes.
How to create a website to communicate for free
To begin, decide what you need the website. If you want to create a site to communicate with a small number of friends, you will fit almost any free hosting. Use the search, read reviews, and you can just pick up the hosting with the name you like best. Usually free hosting providers offer domains third level where aaa you come up with on their own, and can not be changed.
After registration of the site on a free hosting you will get access to the control panel. As a rule, there is a function to customize the appearance of the site and add more functionality. For communication you need to enable the function of the forum or chat. You can also connect the ability to create records and enable comments for friends to communicate was in blog format, the author creates an entry on any subject, and readers comment on it.
After connecting all the necessary functions you can customize the appearance of the website according to your taste. In the control panel of any hosting provider there is a menu "setting where you can choose for your website and buy a theme, set colors and shades, change the background image and make other settings. You can then invite friends to your website and to discuss any topics that interest you.
Free hosting may not provide you permanent access to the site. Besides, most free webhosts will give you a place to site only when the ad.

Advice 2: How to create a website with chat

When creating a site, every owner pursues certain objectives. Especially relevant now is creating your own website with webcam chat for earnings.
The creation of a website with chat

Website creation

Usually the development includes paid video chat, especially for advertisements or billable SMS messages. It video chat allows you to bring to your organization a large number of customers. But first you need to create your own website.

For any website need free or paid hosting. The website should register on the hosting, and then you can move on to the creation and subsequent design of its pages. Usually on the hosting sites already are templates for pages. But at this stage you can also use the help of a technician to speed up the process.

How to create a chat?

If you want to be able to earn on your site, you will need to make a chat, or video chat for advertising purposes. In fact the owners of many sites with chat rooms create them solely for companionship users. So, there are many services that allows you to create chat rooms for free. First you need to register with one of these services and confirm registration by e-mail. Then using preset templates, you create a chat and give it its name and assign a URL. After this process is complete, it will be possible to watch the chat, go into it and chat with friends.

In principle, some stop. But in order to be able to then chat to earn money, you will need to register it on any well-known hosting. Otherwise, you will not be able to set their own advertising banners and promote your website. So make sure you create a page on the popular hosting and edit it. To do this go to control panel and clean it to the title tags. Below these tags will need to write code chat. By the way the code for the chat you can see when clicking the corresponding text under the chat. If all manipulations are successful, you will get your page on the hosting and will put it on banners.

With regard to the development of video chat, it already would require writing your own program, introduction of the possibility to use the microphone and camera. Monetization opportunities video chat is no different. Also, you can optionally create a chat-roulette, which will allow you to make connections around the world. Access to this chat will not even require entering any personal data.
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