What is the main focus and success of these diets? The name itself gives a hunch that in the diet such diets the greatest preference for a squirrel. Protein is a great choice and is the basis in this diet. Why is it protein? Protein is the only element that takes the maximum number of calories and this allows you to get rid of excess weight without loss of health, which is an important fact.

The menu is very simple and accessible to everyone. Include the necessary elements that will help you not only lose weight but also to replenish required stocks of protein foods. The menu can consist of three meals and five meals. In the morning, for Breakfast you can cook an egg.

Preferably in the morning to drink coffee without sugar. In this case, coffee is a fat burner. Snacking can be at the discretion of each. It may consist of cottage cheese or fruit. It should be noted that the consumption of fruit in the morning is quite acceptable.

In the afternoon, a possible choice of boiled chicken breast combined with fresh Chinese cabbage salad. By the way, the caloric content of Chinese cabbage is perfectly acceptable for losing weight. Next snack - the choice is at the discretion. In all conditions, this snack should be light.

Dinner may consist of boiled fish and boiled eggs. Fish and meat can be cooked and also steamed or in a slow cooker for diet recipes. The meat selection is very narrow. Beef and chicken is the best option. From pork meat should be abandoned.

Accompanied with this diet, do not forget about the necessary amount of liquid, which make it easier for you to transpose the entire duration of the diet. The diet lasts 14 days, it was the first 7 days will be the main, and the last 7 days will be consolidated, which will allow to consolidate the result.

It is worth remembering that there, as elsewhere, contraindications. For people with kidney problems, this diet may be unsuitable. When you select should focus on the products of protein origin.

Of course, we should not forget about the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. In addition to protein there are numerous elements which are required for the body. In a complex this method of weight loss will help you to achieve heights and success. Do not forget about healthy sleep, which will have a positive impact on the process of weight loss.