This service will save customers time and, therefore, it will be in demand. It is also relevant for young mothers who for obvious reasons will not be able to leave the house and go to a salon, but also want to be beautiful.

To begin to understand what is needed to open a salon at home. First, to obtain all necessary approvals from sanitary and epidemiological stations. Then you can start organizing activities.

First we need to find the administrator of your salon. As the salon in the home, the administrator can also operate at home, but you can rent him a small office. The administrator's tasks will be the promotion of all kinds of groups and pages in social networks, as well as search and entry customers. The most important point in this kind of business is. Without advertising, nobody will know, and therefore, you won't have customers and profits.

Also you need to decide what services will provide your beauty salon. It can only be manicures and pedicures or hair styling, makeup, hair cut, etc. - it all depends on your imagination.

Next you need to find masters for your visiting the salon. The wizard definitely needs to be high level. After all, if the customer likes the result, he will definitely come to you again (that is, rather, the master comes to the client).

You can also buy one for his company car, which will deliver masters to our clients.

And the most important step in the development and prosperity of your business should be advertising. Advertising must be everywhere: in local magazines and TV channels. Hand out leaflets on all areas of your city, then you will definitely notice. Further all already depends on how you zarekomenduete yourself in the market for these services.

Plus this business is that it does not require large expenditures such as the opening of ordinary beauty salon. The largest part of the costs themselves will take advertising. Services of visiting a salon are guaranteed to be popular, and in the presence of experts and professionals you will be able to firmly occupy a niche in the market.