These rules are governed by work, the passage of the workflow, and also certain nuances related to geodetic studies. In addition, each facility must comply with fire safety regulations.

All structures must comply with the approved projects. The materials used in the construction process should also be consistent with existing currently, for this reason rules. Of course, you can use other materials, but in this case, the required resolution of customer and developer construction project.

To carry out the work of concealed type shall be of the act, which defines the operating methods, the nuances associated with control, for example, possible deviations from the specified targets. In addition, SNiP provides guidance on the construction of the objects for which you want artificial vodosnabzhenie. Here is information on execution order of drainage system, installation of drainage systems, lowering of the drain, other data.

In the section that describes the Foundation parameters must be present recesses into which fit certain design elements. Given the indication that is associated with the drainages, piling, waterproofing. The notches should be enough space for the work of the builders who go down there. In the project documentation needs to reflect the ground parameters.