The first way is to find the link for the hosting site or corporate banner on site pages. Usually, such marks leave the hosting company, the web designers which are engaged in ordering the creation of a website. Brand label hosting can be placed on the main page, on the page "About" or "Contacts".
In the case of hosting, which domain is parked, there is no mention in the pages of the site you're interested in, try to contact tech support or network admin. On many sites there are feedback forms and a contact page which contains information for customers who have any questions. Usually, the contact specifies the e-mail and ICQ UIN, sometimes, Skype, and telephone number.
If such information on the site, or the administration has not provided you with the answer to your question, you can know on which servers the files are located website. Special server, the title of which contains the address of the hosting service, called NS: NS1 and NS2. To learn NS through the WHOIS service is a universal tool for gathering and providing information about any domain.Find online any WHOIS or use one of the suggested:
All you need to do is enter the URL of the website you are interested in a specific domain field and press “Enter” on your keyboard or click on the “Search” button on the service page. A few seconds will load all public information about the domain. In the results, find the field “nserver” or just “NS”.You will see the address of “ns1.adres.domen and ns2.adres.domen”. Part of the NS-server adres.domen” and will address the hosting. Copy the link into the address bar and go to it to load the official website of the hosting, which is you are interested in the resource.