To go through life in the right direction, we must first decide their goals. To start with, to determine the primary goals and longer-term.

Most importantly, you need to start with setting real and achievable goals. For example, to meet an old friend, to enroll in foreign language courses, or save up for a trip to Sochi for vacation. Achieving each goal will give the planned outcome or result that will even exceed your expectations in a good way.

A good idea would be to get the punctuality and positive attitude. Another important rule – the goal is to have the day count and the end result. Else, there is no goal, and so-called plans with blurred contours of reality. To make it easier to navigate and the planning process itself brought pleasure, you can treat yourself and buy a beautiful notebook and write everything down.

Or if you would prefer, to write in notes on your phone, or download the vivid app for taking notes with a reminder. You need to painted targets were in front of your eyes daily. This applies not only to goals for the day, week or month. This also applies to the goals set for a year or even three. After all, the possibility that one day can solve all the goals, is not excluded.

The result from achieving even a very small one goal of inspire is more difficult to accomplish the goal. Patience and hard work, as everyone knows, will make a difference. Each night summarize the day and tick off a goal or progress toward its outcome.

In any case, without a clear and constructive approach to them. Might have to start myself on this train, to adapt and to get used to. Think of your method of promoting yourself for the discipline. Until it becomes an integral part of your life.