You have a goal, then start making your way to her. Consider the steps that can be broken your way. If the purpose you now seem distant and unattainable, moving her from stage to stage, the achievement of each of which is quite real, will ease the way. Get the first concrete result, follow the first step and you will have the drive and belief in themselves.
Fending off fear and uncertainty. The irreparable what can happen to a man is death, everything else is not a tragedy. If you can not conquer arising on your way an obstacle, go around it, even if I have to back off. Don't say to yourself, "I can't", "I can't stand", setting yourself up to win. Think of the difficulties as an opportunity to temper the character and to fight with them. Use every chance which provides you with life, not to regret about undone.
Don't be lazy. Allowing yourself to relax, take a break from work, you don't stay in place – you are going backwards, because life moves forward. Cultivate efficiency, good passion to work. Each small victory, made a case solved the problem, it is not only moving forward, this acquired experience and knowledge, what makes you a professional, valuable expert.
Don't look at others, do not follow their actions. They have other goals, go on your way, but consider the positive and negative experiences which is available to those who are near you. But don't be afraid to make your own decisions, to seek the unbeaten path. Do not put yourself barriers that sweeps them on its way.
Enjoy what you are doing. The movement to the goal, it's not grim obstinacy, and the energy of translational motion. Enjoy just what you do, experience the joy of their victories, each of them is not a waste of your forces, and an influx of new. Are these increasing forces? and help you get to the end and to put their new, more complicated tasks.