Try to set such goalsthat you truly want to achieve. If they are formulated under the influence of certain emotions, momentary desires, nothing happens. Because your mood may change, and the goal will remain unfulfilled.
Goals can be many but to do them all at once is impossible. Select only the most important ones and remember that you are currently unable to take on implementation of only one of them. Others can be postponed for a year or two, and then return to them when they have reached the previous target.
If you realize that something very much want, and nothing will change your plans, write down this goal on paper. But it should be real and not obviously not feasible. If your goal is a difficult and long, try to break it into its component parts and determine the actual terms of these tasks. For example, if your goal is to become an academician, then try to determine what steps should be taken in order to obtain a higher education and climb up the career ladder. If you want to build your dream home, think about what you will need. Make a real and detailed plan to achieve your goals. Don't forget to also outline the problems that hinder the achievement of your goals.
Contact their purpose and, consequently, to their records every day. Evaluate what you did in order to move at least a small step forward. In the course of this analysis may appear refinements and enhancements that may allow you to achieve goals easier and faster.
Keep in mind that people can respond to your aspirations. There are many those who will meet your plans with skepticism and even ridicule. Don't let that confuse you. In this case it is not important what others think, and what you want. Don't wait for someone's approval, but be confident.
By the way, if there are people who support your desires, it is very good, but don't put your aim on them. Remember, what can you do.
Tune in overcoming all difficulties and achieving goals. Do not be afraid that something will not work. Doubt should not be just in your head. Only fear and doubt make it impossible to implement plans.
Many psychologists advise people who want to achieve a certain goal, visualize it. Thereby thoughts supposedly begin to materialize. Want to be in London or Paris? Lay out a book about these cities, often read it and try to imagine in vivid colors as you walk the streets of European capitals, communicate with people, make purchases in stores etc. This will increase your motivation to achieve their goals.